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“I’ve worked with a lot of tech companies in the past but your ability to solve issues almost instantly is every bit worth our contract with you guys. Thank you!”

Steve, Chamberland Painting Inc, CT

“We were finally able to connect all of our remote offices, can’t believe calling an extension in our new York office we were able to reach our staff office in Texas and remote user working out of New Mexico as if we were a room away.”

Mike, Black East Investments, NYC

“The phone system we purchased from New England VOIP this past September 2015 really helped reduce our overall cost immediately. Our phone bills had been over $800 a month and with our new system we have been averaging about $175. Any support requests have been done within no time, faster than our onsite tech.”

Gabriel Wood, Gotham Systems Inc, New York, NY

Quick Facts

of the market has yet to adopt VOIP technology simply because they are unaware of the technology and savings.
of our customers say their return on Investment for a new phone system with New England VOIP averages about 12-18 months. Based on 20 phone setup.
of our customers say we are able save them at least 50% month over month on their current phone bill.
of our customers say our support staff is the best they have experienced in the tech industry.

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